Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Amersfoort Boardgame

At the beginning of this year I started a project that sadly got neglected for a while.. In 2017 I'm hoping to finish it and thought I'd give you all a sneak peek!

I'm very proud to say I live in a beautiful medieval city with some amazing buildings. I decided I wanted to make a boardgame that would show off all the landmarks of our city and a few other local favourites. My hope is that this game will be played in a few of our very pretty pubs. I haven't completely figured out the rules yet but might add a drinking element to the game too. There's still quite a bit to do to finish it but I can't wait to start working on it again. Here's some more sketches to show the process so far! X

Christmas cards!

Every year I design Christmas cards for my mum's amazing charity called Mathare Girl Power Project. This year I decided to use the same collage technique as I used for my final project Hiraeth that I graduated with this summer. It was incredibly fun to do and I'm really happy with the results!

They are for sale and all proceeds go to helping girls in the Mathare slums in Nairobi. If you are interested in buying a set (€5,- for five cards) please send me an email! Send some love this Christmas and contribute to a great cause at the same time, it is very much appreciated. X