Tuesday, 2 June 2015

East London Comic + Arts Festival!

Through Facebook I found out about ELCAF, a comic and arts festival that is being held in different locations in East London on the 20th/21st iof June. I have just booked my tickets and can't wait to go! The programme looks amazing with loads of fun workshops, interesting talks and exhibitions. And I have bought a ticket to a masterclass held on the 14th of June by Alexis Deacon, how exciting is that!

Alexis Deacon has illustrated and written quite a few childrens books, of which one called Beegu was a New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Book of the Year! The masterclass is called Nothing Under the Sun and sounds great.

"In this workshop we’ll be exploring two of the things that have driven my creative process.  The first is an acceptance that there can be nothing truly new, only new combinations.  The second is a realisation that drawings are neither good nor bad but only different forms of communication.
We will take the plot of a classic tale and enrich it with details from our own lives and imaginations. We will then split the story up between the group, asking which moments need to be shown for the story to be told.  We will explore how the needs of the narrative will shape or choices when drawing down to the last detail, considering how every element we include can either help or hinder what we are trying to communicate."
I'm hoping to do a few of the workshops that take place at the festival too, these are the ones I would really like to do;

Christina Daura - By folding a poster into a small book, create a short story or comic to take home with you. Join Spanish illustrator and comic artist Cristina Daura in this fun workshop inspired by her own unique style of illustrations.

Margaux Carpentier - Illustrator and print maker Margaux Carpentier – of Animaux Circus studio and Puck Collective – is inspired by folk tales, extraterrestrial creatures and conversations with evil cats. Get involved in her unique style and paint your own wooden animal to take home with you.

Locomotive/IDEOLO - Join artists Malgorzata Gurowska and Joanna Ruszczyk in a workshop that will continue the themes of their bookLocomotive/IDEOLO. Help to design additional pages for their book and get inspired by watching a screening of a stop motion animation and listening to a poetry reading in the process. This workshop is supported by the Polish Culture Institute.

I'm really looking forward to it and will do a post on how the weekend has been. I will also do a update on my sketchbook and some other things in the next few days so plenty more to come!

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