Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tate Modern

This post is a little late as it was quite a whhile ago that I went to the Tate Modern but I still wanted to post about it! I met up with Lotte from the HKU who is studying/living in Dundee at the moment as she was having a weekend in London. Not only was it great to see a familiar face but we also had a lovely afternoon walking around the museum and seeing all there was to see. Also there was an installaton that matched the colour of my hair!

Some pictures I took on the day!

One of the many highlights for me was Nicholas Hlobo's stitched and weaved drawings. I love the technique he has used and that even though they seem so random they look they tell great stories. And after reading the description and meanings of the different materials I definitly saw them in a different light.

And ofcourse it is worth going to the top floor even if it is just for the view!

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