Monday, 22 June 2015


Last weekend was ELCAF! East London Comic and Arts Festival. I didn't get to go on saturday as I had other things planned but I spent sunday afternoon there and really enjoyed it! Talked to some lovely people and saw some amazing illustrations.

I loved seeing so many great illustrations in one area, from artist I did know and artists I had never heard about. A highlight for me was talking to Lucille Clerc. I had seen her work loads of times at Print Club as I had been doing stock takes and photographs of her prints. She was lovely and it was so nice to meet her! I absolutely love her detailed, magical prints of London. It is because of her that I really want to visit Kew Gardens before I go home. Just look at this print!

I also really enjoyed the ICINORI stand, I've seen the book Issun Boshi in the Tate and booshops and I love the illustrations. They are so colourful and instantly grab your attention. They had some lovely prints for sale at the stand too. 

I also did a clay workshop with artist Charlotte Mei which was a lot of fun! There is a pictiure of the whale I made on my instagram (link in bio). I felt like a child working with clay again and it was very satisfying creating something without thinking to much about it and just doing it! 

All in all I had a great afternoon. I took quite a few pictures as I found it hard to take everything in in one go because there was so much to see! So here are some more pictures! All of the illustrations really inspired me, it seems the more different things I see the more I see clearer which way I want to go. All the brilliant books and stories that were told in these rooms, I really hope I will be able to add some stories of my own to the magical world of illustrated books!

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